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Spy PC Keylogger 3.31

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Invisible PC Keylogger to log all keystrokes typed and capture screenshots

Invisible PC Keylogger to log all keystrokes typed and capture screenshots

Spy PC Keylogger is perfect pc spy software. This invisible keylogger software logs all keystrokes and captures computer desktop screenshots. It is the best choice of home or office computer monitoring. This spy software allows you to secretly monitor PC user's all activities in absolutely stealth mode. You can know clearly the user's all Web browses, windows open or closed, document edit/transfer/modify/printed, every key pressed including username&password of all kinds of programs, application executed, Instant Messenger conversations, email send/received and so on. This stealthy keylogger supports remote monitoring through logs report delivery with email.

Log all keystrokes typed: username&password, IM chat, file/email text edition, website history and etc. Capture the desktop activities of the computer; Logs delivery via email including keystrokes typed and screenshots captures; Auto run and stealth work mode absolutely;

It is absolutlye stealthy keylogger with spy mode; logs keystrokes and record screeshot at the same time, so it is a recorder keylogger; Very easy to use even for the beginners; Good price performance;

The trial version download from this site has some functional limitation and the user need to register to get a full-functional version which has no limitation included time and functions.

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